[UPDATE] VIXX’s Ravi’s Agency Retracts Their Statement After Confirming He’s Dating Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

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VIXX’s Ravi’s Agency GROOVL1N has issued a response on the dating rumors.


In a newly released statement, VIXX’s Ravi’s Agency GROOVL1N retracted their statement that Ravi and Taeyeon are dating and instead stated that the two are only ‘close friends’ who became closer as they worked on music together.

According to their new statement, Ravi and Taeyeon only share a close senior-junior friendship; they asked news outlets to refrain from writing speculative articles and to look forward to Ravi’s upcoming projects.

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ORIGINAL article

Earlier today, Joy News 24 reported that Taeyeon and Ravi have been dating for a year.

While initially both agencies stated they were checking with their artists, SM Entertainment later denied the news stating that they’re only close colleagues, and explained that they’ve met up because they’re ‘working on music together, the rumors of a romantic relationship aren’t true.’

Later, Joy News 24 quoted an official source from GROOVL1N that confirms the two are indeed dating and asked fans to refrain from speculative rumors so the couple can continue to meet well.

Joy News 24 had reported that Ravi and Taeyeon spent Christmas day together and shared photos of them leaving an apartment building together.

Taeyeon is 31 years old while Ravi is 27.

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