VIXX Ravi Is Taking A Break From An Upcoming Broadcast Today, Is The Dating Rumors Weighing On Him?

VIXX Ravi will be taking a break and not participating in Naver NOW ‘Question Mark’ later today.

The show is held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and aims to answer life questions, but this week, it has been decided that they will be taking a break. An official from Ravi’s agency told Korean news outlets of the decision; however, the source didn’t clarify the reason behind the sudden announcement.

Fans speculate that it has something to do with his recent dating rumors with Girls Generation Taeyeon. Joy News 24 exclusively reported that the alleged couple had been dating for a year; SM denied the rumors and Ravi’s agency followed with a similar statement shortly after.

However, Joy News 24 persisted by publishing a video of the alleged couple to their YouTube channel fueling the fire even more. Neither side has commented on this issue yet.

Fans are furious with the news outlet for invading Ravi and Taeyeon’s privacy.

What do you think of this?

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