tvN’s New Drama “Awaken” Premieres To Solid Ratings, SBS “Penthouse” Continues To Set New Ratings Records


tvN’s New Drama “Awaken” is off to a promising start!

The new tvN drama aired its first episode on November 30. “Awaken” episode 1 scored average nationwide ratings of 4.7%, and a peak of 6.4. The second episode of “Awaken” scored average nationwide ratings of 4.47%, a slight decrease from its premiere episode but still, promising for a drama that has just premiered.

On the other hand, SBS’s “Penthouse” continues to dominate the ratings in its timeslot becoming one of the few dramas to surpass 20% in viewership ratings this year.

“Penthouse” episode 10 scored average ratings of 13.2% and 16.9%, while “Penthouse” episode 11 scored even higher recording average nationwide ratings of 14.7% and 19.6%.

In the metropolitan area, it broke into the 20% mark with average ratings of 21.2%.

Lastly, MBC’s “Kairos” episode 9 scored average nationwide ratings of 3.4% and 3.2%, while its 10th episode scored 3.5% and 2.8%.

Which one of these dramas are you currently watching?

My personal thoughts- written by Jazmine K.

I am at episode 4 of “Penthouse,” quite behind but I must say I am not enjoying it. It is very stressful and right now, I have personal problems to deal with, so the extra mean characters just hit different and over-the-top shenanigans stress me out even more. I bet I would’ve enjoyed it if I had been in a better mood.

The creators behind “Penthouse” also created “The Last Empress” which makes a lot of sense if you think about it. The “Penthouse” plot is like a combination between “The Last Empress” ridiculousness and “SKY Castle” audacity multiplied by 50.

I haven’t seen “Awaken” yet so no comment on that for the meantime.

“Kairos” ratings hurt my feelings because its definitely worth more than 3%, 3% is too little. It deserves so much more. From a script perspective, the drama is near perfect and I am so sad its not getting the attention it deserves.

MBC has pretty much hurt this time slot beyond repair; it’d take a miracle to restore their previous glory with this time slot. After many questionable dramas in this time slot, I think people just don’t care much to see what they have to offer.

Had “Kairos” aired on tvN, I think it would’ve definitely gotten more attention. I hope in the future, “Kairos” earns a dedicated following, everyone who’s watched this drama has only nice things to say about it. Forget my opinion, if you ask around, many will tell you its hella good.


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