The Reason Why Chungha Tested Positive For COVID-19 Revealed

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Earlier today, fans were shocked to learn that Chungha has tested Positive for COVID-19, she’s one of the biggest idols who were confirmed to have contracted the virus. Fans were understandably worried about her, she’s since released a post apologizing and explaining she’s doing ok.

However, with the announcement rumors began to fly around about the possible reason why Chungha tested Positive for COVID-19. In their initial statement, her agency, MNH Entertainment, stated that she came into contact with a case that had the virus.

In a follow-up statement, MNH Entertainment explained that she’s been attending a sports center in Seoul to undergo rehabilitation for her shoulder injury. She last attended on Wednesday (December 2nd) and was told on December 5 that there was a confirmed case from the center.

They added that Chungha did not receive a separate inspection notice from the quarantine authorities to get tested but voluntarily chose to be examined as a preemptive measure and turned out to be positive, she had many scheduled activities in the near future.

To close their statement, MNH Entertainment asked netizens to refrain from speculative false rumors and promised to continue cooperating with the quarantine authorities and take all the necessary measures.

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