The Boyz’s Eric Faces Heavy Backlash For Not Wearing A Mask At An Outing With Friends, Both Eric And His Agency Issue An Apology


The Boyz’s Eric name trended this morning after a video of him not wearing a mask went viral. The video spread on December 24, Eric was at a bowling alley enjoying his time with friends, he wasn’t wearing a mask in the video which prompted many netizens to criticize him for not adhering to guidelines and not wearing a mask.

It turns out that the video was taken in November, he was with two friends from his high school who were about to enter the military. Eric posted to the group’s official fan café apologizing for his behavior; he expressed how sorry he felt for not having followed the guideline and repeated that he’s ashamed of himself for not doing so. He promised to reflect on his behavior and not make such a mistake ever again.

This was followed by a statement from The Boyz’s agency Creker Entertainment in which they also apologized for Eric’s behavior, but warned they’d be taking strict legal action against a fake edited version of the video being spread around online.

In their statement, they begin by apologizing for Eric’s behavior and for failing to manage him even in his free time, they confirmed the video was taken around mid-November, Eric met with his high school friends to say goodbye as they’re about to enter military training.

They confirmed that the video was posted by one of his male friends; another individual saved the video and reposted it after editing it. They stated they will put more efforts into their artists and took full responsibility for what had occurred, additionally, they asked netizens who spread fake photos or videos that could lead to mistakes and assumptions to stop doing so, they’re currently gathering evidence and holding ‘legal discussions’ to protect their artists from malicious rumors and comments.

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