Some Kim Seon Ho Fans Caught Bashing Nam Joo Hyuk And Suzy In One Of His Fancafes


Kim Seon Ho has been making headlines after his fans were caught criticizing his “Start-up” co-stars Nam Joo Hyuk and Suzy.

Since it’s against the rules to refer to other actors on the fancafe by their names, the fans used their initials. Various Korean news outlets are covering stories about this issue as its growing bigger. Kim Seon Ho’s popularity exploded after he starred in “Start-up.”

Criticism of Nam Joo Hyuk And Suzy in many of the comments boils down to why they don’t believe they deserved the leading roles and why Kim Seon Ho deserved it instead, some comment about how they’ve only watched this drama because of Kim Seon Ho despite disliking the other actors. Some also claim the main actors got it because of their ‘connections.’

Many comments are about how cooler Han Ji Pyeong (Kim Seon Ho) is and how Nam Do San isn’t nearly as cool as Han Ji Pyeong.

K-netizens are criticizing the fans who have posted such hurtful rude comments, in the meantime, Kim Seon Ho’s agency has not responded to the issue yet.

What do you think of this?

My personal thoughts- written by Jazmine K.

I’ve seen this happen on my articles and posts on social media too. People seem to be split to two teams and are getting aggressive in their discussions treating this so seriously, and I am like ‘why?’

Personally, I liked both actors; both characters were cute in their own way. Nam Do San had his own charm and so did Han Ji Pyeong. Now depending on your taste in men, you might gravitate towards one or the other. Added to that, Kim Seon Ho is so charming he usually steals the spotlight, but this time it happened on a massive scale unlike I’ve ever seen before.

This will put Kim Seon Ho’s in an awkward position around his fellow actors. While discussing performances respectfully shouldn’t be an issue, attacking someone solely based on the fact that you think a certain actor should’ve won the girl or have been the lead instead is just… bad, toxic and childish.  

Those Fans should be happy that he’s getting more popular and should focus on cheering him on rather than on tearing others down.

As someone who’s been a fan of Kim Seon Ho since his beginnings in 2017, this is a sad issue.


  1. Ikr. I mean yes im team han jipyeong and felt bad how writer kept the love triangle almost till 15th ep. But its just a drama and tbh i love baesuzy and nam joo hyuk and i started the drama coz of them and now I love seon ho ❤️ also it’s not namjohyuk’s fault. He is a great actor and we all should be optimistic like how large fan following seon ho got

  2. This is so disappointing. Both Suzy and Nam joo hyuk are hardworking and talented actors. Bashing them because of something that was not in their hands is just childish. I agree Kim seon ho is a great actor and definitely deserves to be a lead despite that he himself chose the role of a second lead in the drama, he was not forced to make such a decision. What they mean suzy and NJH have connections??? Suzy is working in the industry for almost 10 years now and everyone is well known of how talented she is and about NJH, he gave us masterpieces like WFKBJ and BOWG…he also worked as a 2nd even 3rd lead (Moonlovers).
    KSH himself said in an interview by netflix that SDM and NDS (in the drama) are made for each other. I can’t grasp how can people think they don’t deserve to be the leads? Are you sure you are talking about Nation’s first love ‘Bae Su Ji’? I’m a half korean but have lived almost all my life in ROK, didn’t know people have become this mindless and selfish these days. No one begged you to watch the drama so shut your mouth and stop complaining.


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