Shin Ye Eun Cries Over ‘Feeling Responsible’ In Reference To Her Dramas Doing Poorly In Ratings

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Actress Shin Ye Eun broke down in tears recently when talking to her good friend Moon Ga Young.

The two actresses sat down together to chat over a meal for KakaoTV “Face ID,” they talked about a lot of things including how they rely on each other. During one portion of the interview, Shin Ye Eun choked when talking about feeling responsible for her dramas both of which have done poorly in ratings in 2020.

When talking to Moon Ga Young about taking a break, Shin Ye Eun said,

“I want to take a break,” when asked what she wanted to do, she replied, “Just something, I just feel like I need to take a break right now.” Moon Ga Young talked about how she feels her limit has come, Shin Ye Eun chocked and later started crying, Moon Ga Young came over to hug her and comfort her, she asked her what was wrong and if something bad has happened, she replied,

“I feel like if anything bad happens, it’s all my fault…

I just want to do better, I will do better.

When you’re working on a project, it takes a lot of responsibility, doesn’t it? It’s the first time I’ve felt such a level of responsibility. Up until I started school, I did acting because I enjoyed it. Now I don’t think I can say I like it easily anymore. I have responsibility to do the work.”

Shin Ye Eun has appeared in two dramas in 2020, both dramas performed poorly in ratings scoring 1%. Fans are sending her encouraging messages after watching the broadcast.

She ended up updating her fancafe with a post assuring fans she’s doing better and is currently enjoying a break with plans to return soon with another project.

My personal thoughts- written by Jass K.

I like Shin Ye Eun, at first, her acting didn’t appeal to me but she grew on me and I saw her improve right before my eyes which gave me this kind of proud feeling.

Shin Ye Eun was born in 1998, she’s young and a lot of kdrama fans might not think about it much, but it takes a lot to lead a drama/movie project, it’s not an easy task and not everyone can do it. Many Korean actors often spoke about it before.

I’ve seen both her dramas this year and they’re both honestly disappointing, but putting the blame on her isn’t exactly the correct thing to do since the scripts were poorly written, it’s not like she controls what’s written. I get why she feels responsible since she’s the lead but I hope she doesn’t take it to heart and think it’s doing bad because her acting is bad.

Shin Ye Eun started out by leading her own dramas at a young age, what she needs at this point in her career isn’t that in my opinion. She’s better off playing supporting or secondary leading roles opposite more popular veteran actors with established fanbases, this way she can both learn and grow. Most Korean actors don’t start out with leading roles but slowly walk their way up. Many more settle for supporting characters in better projects rather than leading their own dramas at one point in their career.

Shin Ye Eun has potential, but at this stage, she needs to carefully pick her next project. I wish her good luck.

By Hilda Moore

Hi all, my name is Hilda and I am a huge kdrama fan, I am responsible for covering news in relation to Kdramas on My all time fav kdramas are: My Mister, Hotel Del Luna and Kill Me, Heal Me.


  1. More than friends have very good actors tho, the script is the fault and not the actors. Ong and Yeeun did a great job because if it we a bad actors, I wouldn’t finish it. Ong and Yeeun are promising actors. Ong received several acting award last year and Yeeun became know for her heroine role to Jinyoung. I wish they could have another drama but a better story.

  2. I truly feel for her and I wonder how many actors feel this way after a string of low performing projects. But I wish they can realize that so much can affect ratings and performance, that I would say an actor’s performance, though important, only impacts it so much. I can safely say I have rarely come across a performance that’s ruined my viewing experience. It’s usually the story for me.
    And I feel in SYE’s case, both of this year’s projects certainly had potential, but the execution dragged and the best choices weren’t made story-wise. It has little to do with her and I hope she can continue without being too hard on herself. She needs to pick her next project carefully, but shouldn’t let it consume her. The stars will align!

  3. The actors in more than friends including shin ye eun are amazing, it’s just that the writers did a horrbile job in writing them. I’ve watched A teen and he is psychometric and she was amazing in those! I hope she dosent take the poor ratings to heart since her acting is amazing

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