SBS Makes Headlines For Their Precaution Measures Taken Against COVID-19 At Their Award Show

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The 2020 SBS Entertainment Awards aired on December 19, it had no live audience and skipped the red carpet to adhere to safety measures, not only that, but they surprised and cracked up fans with the way they carried the award ceremony.

To begin with the first and most noticeable thing, every celebrity at the award show wore a custom-made mask with the second half of their faces printed over it, so they could stay safe and still be recognizable by their fans.

This led to some pretty accurate mask and some not so accurate since they didn’t fit the celebrities faces properly.

The second point was how they used plexiglass dividers to separate each table from one another, thus minimizing risks.

To top it off, SBS staff attempted to enforce a 2 meter social distance when delivering awards and their method? Using a custom hand-made stick to deliver the trophy to avoid hand to hand contact. Netizen found their methods both amusing and funny.

However, it didn’t go without some negative feedback, netizens noticed that while receiving their awards, the celebrities took their masks off and there were also some celebrities who weren’t instructed to keep their masks on in-between announcements which led into some standing around their fellow celebrities without a mask on.

what are your thoughts on their methods?

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