Ku Hye Sun Smashes Her iPhone With A Hammer, Why?


Ku Hye Sun has joined a new reality TV show called “FACE ID” and the teaser of her upcoming first episode is already gaining attention.

On December 21, Kakao TV’s YouTube channel posted a teaser video of Ku Hye Sun’s upcoming episode; her first episode will air on December 28. In the teaser, Ku Hye Sun brings a hammer in her hand and holds her phone in the other hand.

She asks, ‘let me hit it once,’ and smashes the phone screen instantly, she then hits it with the hammer a couple of more times, the actress can be heard saying, ‘what’s the best tip to cut ties with people? Just get rid of your phone.’

Fans are curious to why she broke her phone like that and what led to her decision of wanting to cut ties with people, you can check out the teaser below:

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