Jessi’s Epic Response To A Hater’s Comment Calling Her ‘A Plastic Surgery Monster’

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Singer-rapper Jessi had the most epic clap back at a hater who wrote a very rude comment to her on instagram!

On December 7, Jessi posted various photos to her instagram account posing with a Burberry bag. She looked stunning in the photos and rocked the outfit she’s wearing, however, one hater though it was a good idea to write down a very insensitive and rude comment, the netizen wrote,

“Jessi, you’re becoming more like a plastic surgery monster. Stop getting plastic surgery.”

Jessi responded with,

“I don’t have time to get plastic surgery….”

Jessi has had a great year in 2020 releasing the hit track Nunu Nana in July and promoting as part of the project group Refund Sisters as well. She’s appeared on various variety shows this year and also won Favorite Dance Performance at the 2020 MAMA.

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