Former Wonder Girls Member Hyerim Felt Insecure After Meeting TWICE Jihyo For The First Time, Here Is Why

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Former Wonder Girls Member Hyerim has opened up about her difficult trainee days at JYP Entertainment.

On November 29 broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “On Dream School,” Hyerim offered sincere advice to high school seniors who are currently preparing for the CSAT (Korea’s annual college entrance exam).

Hyerim talked about her personal experience when she was young and how she tried out for JYP’s audition at a young age and then left to Korea on her own, she talked about her dreams of being a singer and dancer and how she’d practice in front of a mirror more than studying,

“The reason I was able to do what I wanted is because I wanted to become a singer no matter what.”

She then opened up about her time as a trainee at JYP,

“When I look back on my time then, not all of it was happy. I still remember my first day as a trainee. It was Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2007.

I cried on the first day of training, it was because when I was in Hong Kong, I thought I was the prettiest and the best dancer, however, as soon as I arrived at the practice room on my first day, everyone appeared so much better than me and all of them looked so pretty.”

She admitted that she felt insecure after meeting TWICE’s Jihyo as a trainee, she thought her eyes were bigger than hers and was pretty and so talented, which made her feel insecure about herself,

“I started feeling so insecure and my confidence hit the ground. I felt like a fish in a small pond that moved into the big ocean.”

Hyerim’s story had a happy ending, through perseverance and hard work she joined Wonder Girls member in 2010 and led a successful career.

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