Former AOA Member Mina Calls Jimin Fans ‘Murderers,’ And The Reason She Did Will Break Your Heart


Former AOA Member Mina is apparently still getting harassed by Jimin’s fans.

On December 24, Mina posted a lengthy note to instagram addressing the malicious commenters who continue to accuse her of ‘ruining Jimin’s career,’ in her post, she asks the haters and malicious commenters to ‘keep their mouth shut’ if they’re her fans,

“You’re all murderers if you think about the people who suffered and even considered death because of you. Even without you, I am having enough mental issues and can’t live a normal life because of one person. I can’t even sleep because she appears in my dreams, I feel so wronged that I feel like dying.”

Mina then recalled what Jimin had done to her, she said what she did was ‘beyond imagination’ and is still wondering why she hated her so much, she says Jimin never gave a sincere apology and even looked at her ‘like a bug till the end.’

Mina said in frustration,

“What can I do when she says she doesn’t remember and doesn’t even acknowledge it happened? I have to live my life on medication and will always be broken. I can’t even control myself anymore because I met the wrong person.

I wanted to beat her up as much as she’s done to me, no, even more.”

Mina went on to recall the time she exposed Jimin’s bullying and she came along with the members to apologize, she says she felt ‘unjust’ that she forgot to record any evidence of what she’s done to her for 10 years,

“I was so stupid that I thought I could change her one day. And on that day, everyone was ready with their cellphones to record and film, I couldn’t even swear. You still feel sorry for that person who abused her power and did everything she’s ever wanted? Is that why you resent me?”

She ended her post with,

“I wish all of you can experience what I had to go through for 10 years. I feel like dying every day, so please, don’t mention it again…. I am destroyed.”

Earlier this year, Mina exposed Jimin for bullying her for 10 years; she posted about her mental health struggles and even attempted to make an extreme choice following the fallout. Since then, Jimin has left AOA and the entertainment industry while Mina is taking a hiatus to focus on recovery.

It seems that Mina is distressed and hurt by the malicious comments she’s been getting as a result of what happened earlier this year.



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