[BREAKING] Chungha Tests Positive For COVID-19 +Apologizes Repeatedly To Fans

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MNH Entertainment has announced that Chungha tested positive for COVID-19!

On December 7, the agency released an official statement to Chungha’s fan café. Chungha tested positive after coming into contact with a case that had the virus.  On December 7 morning she voluntarily took testing and the results came out positive.

As a result, Chungha has halted all of her activities immediately and is in self-quarantine abiding by the rules set by health authorities. The agency added that anyone who has crossed paths with Chungha will get tested too and they will take the necessary follow-up measures if needed.

Later, Chungha released a personal post to her fan café apologizing repeatedly to fans, she stated,

“Our Byulharang (Chungha’s fans), I’m leaving this message in case you get too worried if I don’t say anything~

I’m sorry and sorry again. I tried to be careful, but I guess it wasn’t enough.

I was also notified today and just found out. I’ll return to promotions again and in good health.

Our Byulharang should be extra careful again and again.”

Previously, Chungha revealed her plans to release her first full album “QUERENCIA” on January 4. She has an upcoming single titled “X” to be released on December 10. MNH Entertainment has commented on whether her comeback plans will be delayed or not.

Wishing Chungha a speedy recovery!

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