Chungha Released From A COVID-19 Quarantine Facility And Is Asymptomatic


Chungha’s agency has greeted fans with happy news recently!

On December 21, MNH Entertainment released a statement to announce that Chungha was released from quarantine for COVID-19 on Friday, December 18.

In their statement, they explained that she stayed a treatment facility and was treated for 11 days from Monday, December 7, the day she was diagnosed, until Friday, December 18.

According to guidelines by health authorities, asymptomatic cases are to be released from quarantine after 11 days, Chungha is one of those cases so she’s been released, she was also told she wasn’t contagious, she has returned home since then.

However, Chungha’s activities will be halted for the time being and she will prioritize health and safety while focusing on hygiene. Her agency assured fans they’d follow regulations set by the health authorities and make sure to take care of Chungha and their staff.

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