Fans Overjoyed After Finding Out BTS Suga Is Joining Big Hit’s End-Year Concert, Is He Finally Fully Recovered?


BTS Suga will be making his return after his two month hiatus soon!

On December 28, Big Hit Entertainment released a statement confirming that Suga is set to join Big Hit Labels’ ‘2021 New Year’s Eve Live’ online concert.

The doctors have advised that Suga can join the performances, but suggested he doesn’t perform any aggressive choreography. Thus, it’s been decided that he can join the end-year family concert; however, performances will be modified to suit his condition.

In a recent live broadcast, Suga talked about removing his brace and continuously receiving rehabilitation, he assured fans he’s working hard to fully recover but still feels a bit of pain. He revealed that his left arm still can’t go up 90°.

BTS Suga has undergone surgery back in early November and sat out of his group’s activities to focus on recovery. His shoulder injury has been an issue for him since his car accident in 2013.

Are you glad to see Suga back?

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