BTS Stylists Comes Under Fire For The Group’s Time Magazine Cover Outfits, Here Is Why Fans Are Upset

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BTS Stylists have come under fire for the outfits given to BTS on “Time” magazine cover.

BTS recently graced the cover of the reputable Time magazine and was named “Entertainer Of The Year,” and for an important cover at such a huge magazine, fans talked about how lacking the outfits were and how the stylists appeared to not care about the cover importance through their styling choices for the members.

This time, complaints are coming from both Korean and international ARMY, fans believe that: Jin’s suit wasn’t fit properly and was oversized, Jimin shoes were too large and Suga’s pants aren’t even hemmed at the bottom, and V’s shoes were too big as well.

The stylists are being criticized for not having skills like other designers and how BTS deserve better styling.

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By Kevin Miller

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  1. I think BTS fans should calm down .. its really hard to work as a stylist and most of the time normal people can’t understand that and this is understandable. But please Jin’s outfit and Suga’s outfits were on point Ok the shoes of V maybe too big but as long as I started following the stylists in the kpop world i think the best dressed were always BTS . So maybe some mistakes or misunderstandings are completely affordable ! And lets not forget that also the group may have diffrent tastes and they want to dress like that …

  2. Bad fits, wrong shoes, colors don’t match, they look like orphans from the fifties and 60s, hair styles bad bad, erase and redo, they deserve more respect, call me

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