Billboard Deletes Tweet About BTS’s New Song “Life Goes On” Hot 100 Rankings After Facing Severe Backlash For Their Wording

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Billboard is under fire by ARMY for their tweet about BTS rankings for this week’s Hot 100 charts.

After making history last week with its debut as No. 1on Billboard Hot 100, “BE” title track “Life Goes On” grabbed No. 28 this week. “Life Goes On” also remains No. 1 on the week’s Digital Song Sales chart. While “Dynamite” continued to make history rising to NO. 10 this week.

“Dynamite” is now the first Radio Songs Top 10 track by an all-South Korean act, surpassing the No. 12 peak of PSY’s “Gangnam Style” in 2012. Despite fans celebrating, one tweet by Billboard caught attention and evoked criticism.

Many BTS fans found an issue with the way Billboard phrased the rankings for “Life Goes On” in their tweets announcement, their first tweet read,

BTS dips from No. 1 to No. 28 on this week’s Hot 100

Fans found an issue with the phrasing as it seems to undermine BTS’s accomplishments; many believe they’re being racists and unprofessional, and many others are commenting on how Billboard treats BTS’s ranking announcements differently than what they do with other American artists.

Due to the severe backlash and attention the tweet received, it has since been deleted and replaced with another one that reads,

However, ARMY didn’t let go easily and reminded Billboard about their previous tweet which they had deleted, many comments on the tweet seem to reference the older tweet.

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  1. billboard should be disgusted by themselves , such is the society we live in , where “fame” allows one to get away with such degradation acts. know yr place , billboard, u may be in the eyes of many but that might not necessarily always be a good thing. disrespecting our boys & all their hard work IS NOT gonna be tolerated by army.

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