ARMY Furious With 2020 MAMA After They Accidentally Exclude Jin From BTS Group Photo, “BTS Is 7” Trends Worldwide

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Despite BTS having a splendid night at the 2020 MAMA, fans were upset after Mnet aired a segment celebrating the visionaries of 2020, the list included BTS, however, Jin’s face was missing from the group.

This prompted angry fans to demand a response and apology from Mnet for neglecting to include Jin in the group photo. Fans trended “BTS IS 7” on Twitter. Many fans pointed out that Mnet must’ve had enough time to edit and fix an issue if found before airing the award show. The fact that the 2020 MAMA is considered the biggest award ceremony for music in South Korea but still had left out Jin from BTS photo rubbed fans the wrong way.

The edited photo seems to have been based on the original photo below; it appears that Jin’s face was cropped out due to the narrow space.

With over 200K mentions, ARMY expressed their frustration with Mnet on twitter reminding them once again that BTS is 7 and that Jin is a part of the group.

Mnet has no issued a public response to fans demands.

On the hand, BTS was awarded all the Daesangs at the 2020 MAMA, you can check out the full winners list here.

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