aespa Members Share The Stories Of How They Were Cast By SM Entertainment And Why Most Thought It Was A Scam

Ever got curious about how each aespa Member joined SM Entertainment?

On December 9, aespa Members appeared as guests of SBS PowerFM radio show “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time”, they spoke about a lot of things including the cast process which they had gone through.

They talked about their personalities as well, Karina shared that she and Giselle are more on the calm side while Ningning and Winter are energetic.

When talking about how each member was cast, it turns out that only Giselle passed through an open audition while the rest were cast through different means.

Ningning said that she appeared on a singing program in China and was cast after SM casting managers saw her video, she added, “I honestly thought it was fraud at first.”

Winter was cast at a dance festival and said she also thought it was fraud because of the way she was approached,

“The casting manager didn’t say what company they worked for and just asked me if I wanted to be a celebrity.”

Lastly, Karina said she was actively involved in social media before joining the company, she was cast through a DM to her account, she also laughed while saying she thought it was a scam at first.

aespa made their debut on November 17 with the single “Black Mamba” and are currently busily promoting on various shows.

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Are you surprised by the way aespa members were cast?

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