Actress Song Seon Mi Of The Hit Drama “Start-Up” Talks About The Tragic Murder Of Her Husband

Actress Song Seon Mi, known for her role in the hit drama “Start-Up,” has opened up about the tragic and sudden death of her husband.

On December 27 episode of MBN’s “Eat More,” Song Seon Mi made an appearance and talked about her husband with the MCs while eating food, he was murdered three years ago. To the netizens who were new fans of her this was quite the shock.

Song Seon Mi’s husband was stabbed to death back in August of 2017, at the time, he was murdered by his own cousin whom he had issues with regarding the inheritance of their grandfather. The cousin had hired a hitman to kill his brother and he was sentenced to life in prison for his crime.

She explained that at the time, it was such a huge incident; no one around her knew what to say,

“At the time, I think those around me had a hard time as well. Still, whether people expressed it or not, I was able to receive their sincere hearts.”

Song Seon Mi also talked about how she wasn’t ‘in her right mind’ at the time of the incident, she struggled accepting the fact that her husband was gone forever. She praised him and talked about how kind he was to her, she said he had a ‘beautiful heart’ and was warm, they’d never fight and he would always encourage her while she worked hard to earn a living as an actress.

You can check out the clip where she talks about her husband below:

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