2020 MAMA Discrimination controversy: Providing Actors Waiting Rooms And Catering While Idols Waited In The Parking Lot

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Mnet is under fire, again but this time it’s in relation to the 2020 MAMA which was held last night.

According to an exclusive report by Newsen, Mnet allegedly discriminated between idols and actors giving actors waiting rooms and catering while leaving most idol groups to wait in their vans and only come out if they won an award.

According to Newsen, most idols who attended the award ceremony weren’t provided with waiting rooms or catering. The performances were all pre-recorded so the idols had to wait up between 1 to 6 hours and come out if their name was announced for an award.

The report points out that it is a measurement to prevent the spreading of the virus and that the idols had agreed to the organizers requests. However, the report also counters that by pointing out the way actors were treated.


Actors had private tents separated by curtains and catering available, various actors posted behind-the-scene photos and it appeared they were together in a closed space. Their staff also posted photos of the event and photos of the catering that was provided.

Fan-taken photos shows the idols using their own phone cameras to help the staff put on makeup for them. Various idols such as SEVENTEEN, GOT7 and more posted photos of themselves waiting in a car at the award ceremony.

Multiple fan accounts posted photos of the idols waiting around at the parking lot.

The problem is that idols and actors were treated with different quarantine guidelines. This is why netizens speculate that you can also see that groups who had won awards such as BTS, TWICE and more walk up the stage with a mask while presenters (the actors) had no mask on when they came up on stage.

The report has since gone viral (with photos spreading on theqoo) and netizens are furious, Mnet is getting heavily criticized for how they treated idols versus actors despite the ceremony being an idols award show.


Mnet has not issued a response yet to the report.

Stay tuned for updates.

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