2020 Mama (Mnet Asian Music Awards) Winners Full List

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The 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) was held today on December 6 at 6 p.m. KST. It honors the best of the best music and artists for the year 2020.

The 2020 MAMA was held without face-to-face contact in accordance with COVID-19 guidelines. The concept for this year’s ceremony is “NEW-TOPIA.”

Note: this list is being updated live; bookmark this to check back for updates later.

Check out the full winners list of the 2020 MAMA:

Best New Female Artist: Weeekly

Best New Male Artist: TREASURE

Best Dance Performance – Male Group: BTS- Dynamite

Best Dance Performance – Solo: Hwasa- Maria

Discovery of the Year: ATEEZ

Best Band Performance: Day6 – Zombie

Favorite Dance Performance: Jessi “NUNU NANA”

Best of Next: CRAVITY

Best Vocal Performance – Group: Mamamoo “Hip”

Best Collab: IU – Eight (feat BTS Suga)

Best Vocal Performance- Solo: IU (Blueming)

Best OST: Gaho – Start Itaewon Class

Best New Asian Artist: JO1


Best Stage: MONSTA X

Notable Achievement Artist: SEVENTEEN

Favorite Dance Performance – Group: TXT

Best Music Video: BTS- Dynamite

Favorite Asian Artist: WayV

Favorite Female Group: IZ*ONE

Favorite Male Group: NCT

Best Hip-Hop/R&B: Zico

Best Female Group: BLACKPINK

Best Male Artist: EXO Baekhyun

Best Producer: Pdogg

Best Dance Performance Female Group: BLACKPINK (How You Like That)

Best Executive Producer: Bang Si Hyuk

Favorite Dance Performance Male Solo: TAEMIN (Criminal)

Global Favorite Performer: SEVENTEEN

The Most Popular Artist: TWICE

Inspired Achievement: BoA

Best Asian Artist – Japan: Official Hige Dandism

Best Asian Artist – Mandarin: G.E.M

Best Asian Artist – Thailand: Ink Waruntorn

Best Asian Artist – Indonesia: Rizky Febian

Best Asian Artist – Vietnam: Binz

Best New Asian Artist – Japan: Fujii Kaze

Best New Asian Artist – Mandarin: Chin Siou

Best New Asian Artist – Thailand: Milli

Best New Asian Artist – Indonesia: Tiara Andini

Best New Asian Artist – Vietnam: Amee

Best Composer of the Year: Yovie Widianto

Best Engineer of the Year: Goo Jong Pil, Kwon Nam Woo

Best Video Director of the Year: Lumpens

Best Choreographer of the Year: Quang Dang

Best Art Director of the Year: MU:E

The Daesang awards:

Album of the Year: BTS – Map of the Soul : 7  

Icon of the Year: BTS

Song of the Year: BTS- Dynamite

Artist of the Year: BTS

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Congratulations to all of the winners!

By Kevin Miller

My name is Kevin Miller and I am responsible for writing Kpop content on Jazminemedia.com~ I have been a fan of Kpop since 2014 and I am a multi-stan


  1. personally i don’t think BTS deserved all of those awards. the choreo for Dynamite was just kinda boring, their vocals were very auto tuned and personally i think there was other groups more deserving of the awards

    1. BTS worked hard for their success! The best dance award is not who has the hardest choreography but which choreography fits the best to the song stage present is also part of it! Stfu! U have never heard them sing live cause they can sing without autotune! Stay mad that your favorites can achieve what BTS achieved!

    2. In my opinion, best dance isn’t about which choreography is the hardest but which choreo was most popular among fans. Yeah, dynamite was easy but it was still fun and super cute. Everyone and their grandmas were dancing to this song. You don’t need a super complex choreography to give a great performance.

      Also, has everyone forgotten the saying “if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all”? I think it’s extremely unnecessary to say an artist did not deserve an award they work hard for everyday. Just because you think another group should’ve won doesn’t mean those are the facts. Anyone who won tonight was very well deserving.

    3. I agree that there are other better groups but BTS definitely deserves it all. I’m not into k-pop but I definitely love their music and lyrics, no hyping, I just feel the sincerity and the love that is hard to find in other groups.

    4. Agreed. As an ARMY I think Dynamite wasn’t their best choreo, and I think in comparison ATEEZ’s Inception, NCT’s Kick It, and TXT’s Can’t you see me were clearly the better options. The Kick It choreo is iconic and is popular, Inception was visually stunning, and Can You See Me was technically precise and visually appealing as well. You can say “it’s not about being a hard dance it’s about fitting the concept” all you want, but even with that the other groups were more deserving of the award than BTS. The CYSM choreo fit the song, concept, and storyline perfectly, complete with glitching and emotional expressions. Inception’s choreo was just as good as CYSM, but with the added bonus of Seonghwa’s abs. Basically, Dynamite was good, but CYSM, Inception, and Kick It were better and deserved the award.

    5. It definitely didn’t deserve some categories. There are quite a few good groups, people get stuck in just one and refuse to see that there is much variety of equal quality. It’s like eating just one thing your whole life and you forget that there are things that complement each other, and they are just as delicious. In the end, music is a matter of taste, and for me the biggest injustice was for Best Song, BTS has many better songs than Dynamite, that award went to Psycho.

      1. It is not psycho it is just famous…
        Not everyone deserve award just that they are good..
        Popularity is important…
        Everyone has eyes in all the other groups..
        Please stop complaining…
        Award goes to those who deserve not because of money..

    6. Honestly. That’s what I’ve been thinking for a really long time.

      My choices of winners for awards are never all the same and I also vote for groups I don’t stan but know they had a great year, for example Oh My Girl. Everyone was jamming to their songs during the year so them not getting any award is really sad.

      Also, for BTS, many people justify them winning all the time by saying their worked hard and have good music and stuff. I agree, but I think they’re missing the point. They are tons of artists having good music and working hard. The problem with armys is that many are not multistans like I am. They don’t see that tons of idols have the exact same struggles BTS had. If they really think hard work should be rewarded, then don’t vote for them just because they are your faves, it’s not genuine. You gotta admit that these past years anything they do always goes viral. Is it that much because of hard work? Well no, it’s also the name attached to it. Armys gotta understand that groups and people like Seventeen, Stray Kids, NCT, Baekhyun and Oh My Girl have surpassed themselves this year and it’s honestly absurd not seeing them anywhere. Having big achievements doesn’t disqualify other “minor” achievements or make them any better. At this point, awards are about numbers.

      This was really long, but I hope people get what I mean and don’t hate me for this.

  2. I agree that there are other better groups but BTS definitely deserves it all. I’m not into k-pop but I definitely love their music and lyrics, no hyping, I just feel the sincerity and the love that is hard to find in other groups.

    1. you realize the main reason people are “popular” and have a big fanbase is because they make good music, good dance performances. you act as if someome spun a bottle 3 years ago that landed on bts and that’s what decided they were gonna be the most popular group from now on.

      they earned their fanbase, just like everyone else. shut up.

    2. If you become popular like them and see that you have this much fanbase..
      Then you will know how important are fans…
      We as a fan or an army…like them for good music…

  3. That’s sad that fandoms are creating such toxic environment while their artists call to simply enjoy music. Yes, BTS won. No, there is no need for heated arguments – they deserved it. Did other groups deserved it? Yes, but it’s the same thing as with sports. Once you are good, you will encounter someone as good as you. Such is life.

  4. you realize the main reason people are “popular” and have a big fanbase is because they make good music, good dance performances. you act as if someome spun a bottle 3 years ago that landed on bts and that’s what decided they were gonna be the most popular group from now on.

    they earned their fanbase, and these awards, just like everyone else. shut up.

  5. I’m an army and honestly when I saw that NCT won favourite male group, I was scared armies will attack nctzens. Hopefully there won’t be any toxicity among the fandoms. 🙁

  6. BTS are as overhyped as Titanic was back in the day. Thousands of teenage girls went to see that movie over 20 times. Same thing is happening with BTS. Their 700 million views is from the same group playing the video on repeat 24/7. Plus Dynamite is not even Kpop at all. It is all sung in autotuned English. Yes they are talented but so many other groups are just as deserving.

    1. Your literally contradicting yourself so hard, like you say they’re singing in autotuned english (which they are not) then say they are talented. Make it make sense

  7. Parabéns a todos os artistas vocês mereceram!Mesmo que seu favorito não tenha ganhado isso não significa que eles são inferiores.Parabens também em especial para a minha família ARMY e ao BTS que foi a grande estrela da noite por ganhar 10 prêmios eu estou muito orgulhosa de vocês todos!Por favor parem de criticarem eles só por ter ganhado todos os prêmios,foi tudo merecido eles trabalham duro e já passaram por muitas coisas para chegar onde estar agora então por favor não diga que eles só ganharam porque sua fã base é popular,sim parcialmente é fato mas a realidade é que eles ganharam por mérito do trabalho duro!ELES são realmente muito bom não apenas digo isso por ser army mas sim por visão de lógica, só porque seu favorito não ganhou não significa que você tem que criticar o vencedor. TODOS FORAM ÓTIMOS TODOS SÃO TALENTOSOS NINGUÉM É MELHOR QUE O OUTRO TENHAM RESPEITO PELO ADVERSÁRIO PAREM DE SEREM TÓXICOS!!

  8. It’s like MNET doesn’t want to give The Boyz any awards. Like did you see their performance??!! An absolute masterpiece, especially when they won RTK and now are going to kingdom, they should get at least the best stage award because holy shit The Boyz now how to send shivers down my spine.

    1. seriously all the people who complain that bts didn’t deserve all the awards they won, they are really too toxic. Why not just accept it? You’re doing the same thing other fans do when your favorite group wins. If your favorite group had won, would you be complaining? no right. All groups did their best. All the groups have amazing choreography and amazing songs, but bts won and you can’t really do anything about it just by commenting and giving other people who love bts bad vibes. So if you don’t have to say anything positive, shut up! It’s really tiring to see comments like this everywhere!

  9. I am not ARMY, but i should say that bts isn’t only kpop idol, but also musician. May I said that some group dance better, sing better and many else. But if you view the song of bts. Actually there are many masterpiece songs. So i think they deserve

  10. Dynamite is on the Billboard Hot 100 List and nominated for song of the year in grammy do you know what BILLBOARD and GRAMMY is? I don’t think you know how big is this. But it’s your opinion and i respect that but i don’t think they are not deserving…others song are also deserving but you can see that Dynamite is a HIT. And if you are still saying they are not deserving so you are being biased towards your idol or you have a bad taste in music that’s all…

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