Visual Director Vacades Who Accused SM Of Plagiarizing his Work For aespa’s Debut MV Releases An Update

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Ahead of aespa’s debut, the group became embroiled in various controversies including one about the visuals used for their debut MV.

One visual artist called Vacades previously released a statement claiming that aespa’s team has ‘copied’ his work for the group’s debut MV. Structures used in aespa’s MV had been posted previously to Vacades, which includes subway cars covered in a flower field and a snake roaming in a subway car, the posts were uploaded to instagram sometime in March of 2020.

At the time, the visual artist told fans that he didn’t work on this and he believed that they copied his work. Some of his fans contacted him to let him know that the designs of the MV are very similar to some of his work. At the time, SM didn’t address the situation.

It’s been a bit over a week since the controversy and the artist has come out with another statement that’s spiking theories, in his statement, he says he’s spoken to the music video director and came into a mutual agreement, he ended his post showing support to aespa. He didn’t elaborate on what exactly he meant but fans understood that he doesn’t wish to take this any further.

This fueled speculations since his tone differs from the first comment he released on the matter.

SM has not issued a statement regarding this matter.

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