Veteran Korean Actor Song Jae Ho has passed away.

On November 8, Korean news outlets reported that beloved veteran actor Song Jae Ho has passed away at the age of 83 from chronic illness, its been reported that his health recently deteriorated.

Song Jae Ho made his debut in 1959 as a voice actor for KBS and made his debut as an actor a 1964 film. He went on to starr in over 200 dramas and movies. He’s been labelled the nation’s father and has appeared in many dramas and movies playing the father role/CEO role in recent years including “Miss Ripley,” “I Miss You,” “The Fugitive: Plan B” and many more. His last movie project was the 2019 movie “A History of Jealousy.”

He retired after his health worsened. The public is in mourning over the news of his passing.

May he rest in peace.


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