[BREAKING] TWICE Chaeyoung Rumored To Be Dating A Tattoo Artist, JYP Responds

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TWICE Chaeyoung is rumored to be dating a tattoo artist!

The rumors began spreading about two days ago, when fans began to speculate that a tattoo artist was dating Chaeyoung due to what was perceived to be evidence, he is in his thirties while she is 22 years old.

One photo spread online like wildfire showing the back of the alleged couple. The thing that made the photo appear legitimate was the hat the female in the photo was wearing. Chaeyoung had previously worn this unique hat and talked about how its one of her favorite hats on “Radio Star.”

Soon, various Korean news outlets picked up the story and some reached out for a comment from JYP Entertainment. The agency responded with a simple statement, stating they have no statement ‘regarding the artist’s personal life.’

The rumor has come at a bad time since TWICE is currently busy promoting for their most recent album release “Eyes wide open.” The members are currently promoting their title track “I CAN’T STOP ME” on music shows and variety shows.

Chaeyoung is the third member of TWICE to be involved in dating rumors following Jihyo and Momo. Both who confirmed to be dating previously. However, JYP’s approach to this dating rumor has received mixed responses from fans, while some think its none of fans business to ask about their idols private lives and are rooting for Chaeyoung, others are worried since bad rumors about the tattoo artist have been floating online which negatively reflects on Chaeyoung, some fans wanted JYP to better address the rumors.  

What do you think of JYP’s response to Chaeyoung’s dating rumor?

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Note: the author mistakenly confused Mina for Momo regarding the dating rumors, the article has been corrected.

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