The Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Kim Hyun Joong, His Ex-Girlfriend Ordered To Pay Over $80,000 For Damaging His Reputation


Kim Hyun Joong’s five-year long legal battle with ex-girlfriend has finally come to an end!

The controversy started back in 2014 when Kim Hyun Joong’s ex-girlfriend ‘A’ filed a criminal complaint claiming that he inflicted injuries on her ribs that required six weeks of healing.

Later, the complaint was withdrawn after Kim Hyun Joong issued an official apology; as agreed upon; and agreed to pay a settlement of 600 million won (approximately $538,200). This was done with the condition that she’d not speak about the issue publicly again. Kim Hyun Joong was also fined 5 million won (approximately $4,500) for charges of assault and battery.

However, things didn’t end there. In 2015, ‘A’ filed another lawsuit for damages worth 1.6 billion won (approximately $1.4 million) claiming that he abused her and caused a miscarriage, and pressured her to have an abortion.

Later that year, Kim Hyun Joong filed a lawsuit demanding the same amount stating she broke their agreement and was spreading false information.

‘A’ gave birth to Kim Hyun Joong’s son in September of 2015 and is said to be taking care of the baby on her own. When asked about his son not too long ago, he stated that he was unable to meet him.

Fast forward to five years later, on November 12, the Supreme Court ordered “A” to pay Kim Hyun Joong 100 million won (approximately $89,700) in damages thus upholding the verdict which was decided upon in the first and second trials. The court stated that there was no evidence that ‘A’ suffered a miscarriage due to his alleged abuse or that he pressured her to have an abortion.

The court also stated that Kim Hyun Joong’s reputation and public image suffered greatly as a result of her accusations. She was ordered to pay Kim Hyun Joong a hefty amount.

Despite the happy verdict for Kim Hyun Joong, his fans think that the fine is too little for the reputation of Kim Hyun Joong has been completely destroyed in South Korea. Added to that, many wonder if he’ll ever be able to return to his glory following the huge controversy he’s been and the backlash it caused him before his name was cleared.

What do you think of the verdict?

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  1. She should pay a higher fine as well as lose custody. If she claims he abused her and no evidence backs her up. As well as keeping him from his child, as a mother it makes me think about what she could be doing to the child. I mean she just lost majorly.


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