Tao Savagely Shuts Down Dating Rumors With Labelmate Xu Yiyang


Former EXO member Tao has a word to those who continue to falsely claim he’s dating Xu Yiyang.

On November 13, Tao held a live stream and was joined by Xu Yiyang. During the live stream he confronted the alleged dating rumors and the ones who continue to claim he’s dating her, he said, “the person I am doing my best to support… is my girlfriend? They’re all like my little sisters. My company artists are like family to me.”

Tao savagely added that it doesn’t matter what he says if delusional fans continue to claim they’re dating, he said, “if you see it that way, then go ahead.. If you want to connect us as a couple, then do it. My celebrities are getting more popular in the end.. Thank you everyone!”

His savage response is getting lots of attention and became a trending topic on Weibo. Fans hope that the ones who continue to think he’s dating her can finally stop talking about it.

Tao founded his label L.Tao Entertainment in July of 2017, he introduced Xu Yiyang as one of his artists later on. Since they interact with each other often, some believed that they were dating even though Tao continues to talk about his labelmates as his ‘family.’

You can check out the video response below:

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