Some K-Netizens Are Upset With Oh My Girl’s Arin Interactions With TXT Soobin, Are They Being Delusional Or Is She In The Wrong?


There is currently a heated discussion going online regarding Oh My Girl’s Arin’s behavior as an MC on “Music Bank,” her reactions and actions are getting mixed responses from fans.

Soobin and Arin are considered one of the hottest MC pairs on a music show, fans love their interactions and many believe they look cute together. However, after a recent broadcast of “Music Bank,” Arins’ interactions with Soobin have come under fire by some k-netizens who expressed discomfort at her behavior.

One clip of Arin laughing during an interview with MAMAMOO gained attention, she is seen placing her hand on Soobin’s arms and many of his fans are finding an issue with this.

They believe that Arin is ‘touching Soobin too much,’ and is ‘exhibiting unprofessional behavior’ during filming for the show.

The ongoing discussion has made it everywhere including Weverse where fans have shared mixed reactions to her actions. Some K-netizens want Arin to stop leaning too much on Soobin arguing that it could cause ‘misunderstandings,’ or cause Soobin to feel ‘uncomfortable.’ The fans who have an issue with Arin’s actions think what she’s doing could potentially cause issues because it could be misinterpreted.

On the other hand, there are many fans who are fighting back the comments that are getting critical of Arin. Many fans pointed out that Arin has a habit of leaning on people when she’s laughing, others believe that its none of fans’ business how Arin interacts with Soobin, and that they’re merely friends who enjoy each other’s company, fans on this side are labeling the ones critical of Arin’s actions ‘delusional and possessive.’  

Do you think Arin’s interactions with Soobin are too much? Or are fans reading too much into this?


  1. I see nothing wrong with her interaction with Soobin at all as he was laughing with her. I saw no signs of him looking uncomfortable with her actions either. Knets and kfans are ridiculous. -_-;


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