SM Entertainment Hires 10 Of The Best Korean Law Firms To Take Legal Action Against Malicious Commenters Who Harm Their Artists

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SM Entertainment has released an update about how they plan on handling malicious comments and false rumors on the behalf of their artists.

On November 2, SM Entertainment issued a statement to their official website announcing that they have commissioned more than 10 law firms, some of which are the nation’s top firms specializing in civil and criminal legal action against malicious comments.

They stated that due to the recent ongoing malicious rumors, postings and comments about their artists being posted on the web, they’ve decided to take strong legal action. They informed netizens that fabricating rumors and posting defamatory statements based on unconfirmed or baseless facts are not only illegal but subject to strong legal action.

They also asked for fans help in tipping to their email account ([email protected]) and gave directions on how to do so. SM also states that they continuously look for these cases and take legal action accordingly after consulting with the artist, they ended their statement with a warning,

“We would also like to reiterate that we will take strong legal action against various illegal activities as we have done so far.”

The announcement comes after various SM artists were embroiled in controversy over the past couple of weeks starting with soon-to-debut aespa member Karina who was accused of badmouthing fellow SM idols and idols from other groups, SM had released a statement promising strict legal action against the fake rumors but they haven’t stopped, more alleged classmates and friends of Karina shared screenshots of their alleged conversations with her which were problematic according to fans. Other aespa members also have bad rumors circulating on the web about them.

Irene was also recently embroiled in controversy after she was accused of disrespecting and throwing a tantrum at a stylist who exposed her, she has since apologized but various other alleged industry insiders have since come out with accounts of their own experience with Irene and some of them weren’t pleasant to say the least, of course, these are only allegations. Other Red Velvet members were also attacked after Irene’s controversy with malicious comments.

EXO Chanyeol was also involved in controversy after he was allegedly exposed by an ex-girlfriend who claimed he cheated on her with many women throughout their 3-year long relationship. SM refused to address the rumors citing that it was his private life but other netizens also started to spread rumors about his personality and more.

The recent SM announcement seems to be directed at its artists’ controversies, the backlash they drew and the subsequent rumors and malicious comments that it drew.

What do you think of their statement?

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