Has “Running Man” Gone Too Far With This Game? K-Netizens Worried For The Members After Recent Broadcast

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SBS “Running Man” most recent episode has caused some backlash towards the production team, here is why it happened and why k-netizen are criticizing the producer for making the members go through this for the sake of entertainment.

On the latest episode of “Running Man,” the members play a game using rubber bands wrapped around their faces. The game winner is decided based on whoever is able to put as many rubber bands on their face as possible, and bear with it.

One of the members tightened as many as 36 rubber bands around their face, which isn’t exactly ideal for the face since it can become extremely painful and hurt the members face or their eyes.

K-netizens took to various online communities to protest just how upset they were with the game. Many k-netizens believe it’s dangerous for the members and that its not even funny to put them through so much pain for the entertainment of viewers.

Some of the comments read as follows, ‘they’ve gone too far,’ ‘I didn’t like it,’ ‘I can’t believe they did this,’ and more.


What do you think of this? Do you think “Running Man” production team has gone too far with this game?

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