Pledis Denies NU’EST’s Baekho Turned Down The Offer To Be In Wanna One After Names Of Idols Who Were Wrongly Eliminated Revealed

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Pledis Entertainment has released a statement in response to the court’s ruling regarding “Produce 101” manipulation controversy.

The court revealed the names of the contestants who were wrongly eliminated, it turned out that NU’EST’s Baekho was supposed to debut in Wanna One

A source from Pledis told news outlets that they’re glad the truth finally came out despite it being late. They also stated that they haven’t heard anything from Mnet yet in regards to the compensation plan they had mentioned to the trainees who were affected by the voting manipulation controversy.

Pledis also denied that Baeko turned down the offer to be in Wanna One which was sparked from by the former CP Kim Yong Bum who had stated in the first trial that a trainee in the second season didn’t wish to be part of the lineup and was subsequently eliminated.

What do you think of Pledis’s response?

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