No Autopsy Will Be Conducted To Determine The Cause Of Park Ji Sun’s Death, Here Is Why

Its been revealed that no autopsy will be done on Park Ji Sun.

On November 2, police revealed that Park Ji Sun and her mother were discovered deceased at her home around 2 pm. A note that was suspected to have been written by Park Ji Sun’s mother was found, however, in accordance to the family wishes, the content of the note will not be revealed.

On November 3, Seoul Mapo Police Station released an official statement confirming that there were no signs of breaking in, they also revealed that there was no reason to suspect a crime. Adding that while they did consider having an autopsy, they decided against it due to the likelihood of it being a homicide being low, and to respect the decision of her family.

Park Ji Sun and her mother’s funeral procession will take place on November 5 at 7 a.m. KST.

May Park Ji Sun and her mother rest in peace.

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