Mnet says IZ*ONE will move with their scheduled activities as intended!

Last night, the court revealed the names of the trainees who were wrongfully eliminated from the “Produce 101” series, some of the eliminated trainees missed the chance of joining the final lineup of IZ*ONE, X1 and Wanna One.

Following the reveal, Mnet released a statement on November 19 denying that IZ*ONE will halt activities due to the controversy.

In their statement, they assured fans that IZ*ONE’s upcoming album release won’t be affected, it is set to be released on December 7, and their appearance the day before at the 2020 MAMA won’t be affected as well.  

In their statement, Mnet takes full responsibility for the controversy alone, they stated,

“Mnet is fully responsible for the “Produce” situation alone. Mnet will take full responsibility for the trainees who suffered damages until the end, and we will do our best to fully support IZ*ONE, who is already promoting and whose members are working hard on chasing their dreams.

Off The Record Entertainment and Swing Entertainment, who are currently co-managing IZ*ONE, will also do their best and fulfil their duties to help the artists grow.

We sincerely thank all of the fans who always love and support IZ*ONE. And we apologize once again to the viewers who cared about and rooted for the trainees who suffered damages due to the situation.”

What do you think of Mnet’s statement?

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