Mnet Announces Wanna One’s Reunion Performance At The 2020 MAMA Is Not Happening


And the fallout from the court’s revelations continues!

Previously, the court announced the final sentence for the people involved in the vote rigging controversy for the “Produce 101” series. The court also revealed the names of the trainees who were unfairly eliminated.

Last night, Mnet had to clarify that IZ*ONE is still performing at the 2020 MAMA and releasing their album despite the announcement. However, Wanna One fans who were happily waiting for the group’s rumored reunion performance at the 2020 MAMA weren’t so lucky.

On November 20, Mnet stated that Wanna One won’t be performing at the 2020 MAMA, they explained there had been discussions with the members’ agencies about a possible reunion performance, but ultimately, they decided not to do it.

Wanna One disbanded in January of 2019.

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