Are The Views Freezing? “Life Goes On” MV Takes Longer Than Expected To Surpass 30 Million Views


“Life Goes On” MV has surpassed another milestone!

After reaching 10 and 20 million views in lightning speed, it took the MV a bit longer to break through the 30 million views despite fans’ best efforts at streaming.

“Life Goes On” MV took 7 hours and 39 minutes to reach 30 million views, in comparison, BTS’s last major MV release “Dynamite” took 3 hours to reach the same milestone. Despite taking a bit more time to reach 30 million views, “Life Goes On” is still considered one of the top 5 fastest Kpop group MVs to reach 30 million views.

In related news, “Life Goes On” was directed by Jungkook.

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