Was BLACKPINK Snubbed At The 2020 Asia Artist Awards (AAA)? Why Fans Trended #AAA_ApologizetoBLACKPINK

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The 2020 Asia Artist Awards was held earlier today. The award ceremony honored actors and idols, the winners list surprised fans, some in a good way, while others in a bad way.

Fans noticed that despite having a successful year; arguably their best to date; BLACKPINK wasn’t rewarded at all in The 2020 Asia Artist Awards. Many fans think the group was snubbed and here is why.

The main issue came from the way the AAAs introduced IZ*ONE after they had won an award, the voiceover said the following: ‘IZ*ONE set the record as the girl group with the highest sales in the first week.’

However, BLACKPINK had already broken this record earlier this year with their first full album “THE ALBUM.” According to the Hanteo Chart, BLACKPINK’s “THE ALBUM” reached approximately 590,000 sales in just one day since the group’s release of their physical album on October 6. Thus, BLACKPINK has broken IZ*ONE’s record in which 389,334 copies of “Oneiric Diary” were sold in its first week.

Not only that, but BLACKPINK became the first ever Korean girl-group to sell 1 million copies of their album, which they had achieved with “THE ALBUM.”

Counting the various records the girl group set and broke in 2020, fans expected BLACKPINK to walk out with at least an award.

Fans have been trending the hashtag #AAA_ApologizetoBLACKPINK expressing their anger regarding the way AAA didn’t award the group and falsely labeled another group a title that belongs to BLACKPINK.

#AAA_ApologizetoBLACKPINK is at number 3 on the top twitter trends with more than 140K mentions as of this writing.

Fans also trended ‘BLACKPINK deserves better’ among other hashtags.

What do you think of the backlash? do you think BLACKPINK deserved an award at The 2020 Asia Artist Awards?

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  1. Woww…award shows are really treating Blackpink very bad!!they definately deserves better…why would they say something like that when they already know that bp has broken the record of gg with the most sales in first week!! that’s seriously disrespectful towards BP!!

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