Korean Defense Committee Passes Bill Proposing Military Delay Plans For ‘Exceptional K-Pop Idols’


In light of news of BTS comeback, the topic of military service has come up again and there are new updates on the matter.

On November 20, after a meeting at the Korean National Assembly, the defense committee passed a bill that could allow top male idols like BTS to postpone their military enlistment until they’re 30 years old.

Democratic Party representative Jeon Yong Gi drafted a revision to the Military Service Act, proposing that exceptional artists in pop culture and arts—such as BTS—should be granted the right to defer their military duties until the age of 30. This is given to the idols who greatly contributed to the national status in the field of pop culture and art.

Currently, all able South Korean men between 18 and 28 are expected to serve in the military for almost two years.

Until now, military service exceptions have only been granted to exceptional athletes and classical musicians.

Jin turns 28 years old next month and there had already been talks about the subject, this would allow Jin to delay his military service until he’s 30 years old giving him and his members, among other possible idol groups the possibility to promote longer with their groups.

There is reportedly no disagreement between the ruling and opposition parties. Talks are being made about the possibility of the act being passed.

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Jin had previously commented on his pending military service, here is what he said.

What do you think of the newly proposed bill?

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