Kim Soo Hyun In Talks To Play A Sociopath With Multi-Personality Disorder In Upcoming Netflix Series

Kim Soo Hyun is in talks to lead his next project!

On November 6, various industry representatives reported that Kim Soo Hyun would be starring in the upcoming Netflix series “Finger” based on the American movie “American Psycho.”

Later, his agency Gold Medalist commented that its one of the casting projects the actor has received, and that he’s currently reviewing it.

Kim Soo Hyun was offered the role of an interior designer who is a sociopath with also dissociative identity disorder, he seems perfect on the outside, but he hides his demons.

The suspense-thriller is expected to complete casting for the main and supporting actors and begin filming soon. The drama will likely be released in Spring of 2021 through Netflix.

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Would you like him to take on the role in the upcoming drama?

My Personal Thoughts

O.M.G, if he takes on the role I might die of excitement, that’s it! I’ve always dreamt of this, he’d suit the role so well.

The classic film is something I think everyone born prior to 2000 has seen, it’s a great movie but I am kinda surprised he’s okay with taking on the villain role since the protagonist is the antagonist in this story. If you haven’t seen the movie, see it, that is if you can handle horror.

Netflix might piss me off at times, but I think I am starting to like their aggressive plans to advance to the market of South Korea. The beauty of this series would be that it won’t be censored at all since it airing on Netflix. This drama would likely never be made if picked up by a Korean network because they’d have to censor a lot of it and that would ruin the essence of the story.

I like it when Korean actors challenge themselves and try things outside the box of what we’re used to. Can’t wait for a confirmation, hopefully!

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