We finally have a date set!

On November 18, KakaoTV released the first official poster of “City Couple’s Way of Love” (literal translation), an original upcoming drama by the service.

The highly anticipated drama will be a short-form romance drama about the reality of young adults fighting to survive in the hectic city. As previously revealed, the drama is being produced with multiple seasons in mind and the first season will be titled “My Lovable Camera Thief” (literal translation).

The upcoming drama will be directed by PD Park Shinwoo who’s recently worked on “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay.” A Lot of attention is paid to the drama who’ll be PD Park Shinwoo’s first digital drama. The script will be co-written by Jung Hyun Jung, who has written the “I Need Romance” series and “Discovery of Love,” along with Jung Da Yeon.

In the new poster, the leads played by Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won enjoy a romantic date on a rooftop surrounded by fireworks.

The caption in the poster reads,

 “The questions that start after a breakup seek the way to love.”

“City Couple’s Way of Love” has also set a premiere date at last, it will premiere on December 8 at 5 p.m. KST on KakaoTV.


Are you excited for the upcoming drama?


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