10 Interesting Facts You Need To Know About “Start-Up” Dimple Prince Kim Seon Ho


Rising actor Kim Seon Ho has been getting a lot of attention for his amazing acting skills on the hit tvN drama “Start-Up,” he’s gained many fans through this drama and his popularity has soared.

Because of his rising popularity, many new fans naturally became curious about Kim Seon Ho, and today, we’re here to talk about 10 interesting facts about Kim Seon Ho.

Let us know which one of these facts surprised you the most.

1Kim Seon Ho Was Known As An ‘Idol’ Theater Actor

Before he became an actor on TV, Kim Seon Ho was a theater actor. While many international fans might not be aware of it, Kim Seon Ho was called the idol of theater actors due to his massive popularity.

He starred in the plays, “Sherlock,” “Rooftop Cat,” “Kiss Of The Spider Woman,” to name a few.

The cast of “2 Days & 1 Night” talked about his massive popularity at the time on a recent episode of the show.

People would line up to meet him and his shows were always sold out. He began acting in theater back in 2009 and has recently confirmed he’s return in another play set to air in 2021.

New fans can understand why he was so popular as a theater actor, I mean have you seen those dimples? And those acting skills?

2Kim Seon Ho began his career in TV in 2017

Kim Seon Ho used to do theater for the most part, he began acting on TV rather later than most Korean actors. His first TV role was the 2017 hit drama “Good Manager.”

Because of his excellent acting chops, his popularity quickly rose, and he snagged his first leading role in 2019’s “Catch the Ghost” which is pretty impressive for an actor who started working on TV dramas two years prior.

3The Heartwarming Reason Kim Seon Ho Chose “Start-Up” As His Next Project

Kim Seon Ho is currently part of the popular drama “Start-Up,” many fans became curious about why he chose this particular drama to begin with. In a previous interview prior to the start of the drama, he revealed,

“I was drawn of the point of the drama will portray the beginning and challenges as well as the growth of young adults. Above all, I really liked the description of Han Ji Pyung.”

Source: soompi.com

At the press conference of the drama, Kim Seon Ho also stated that rather than a stimulating and intense plot, “Start-Up” is different, every character has many lines that are gems and he became curious about the next scene as he was reading the script.

4Kim Seon Ho’s Military Status?

In case you’re worried about having to say goodbye to Kim Seon Ho while he serves the military, fear not. The actor has already completed his military service a long time ago.

The actor is currently 34 years old, while its unclear when, he’s served in the military many years ago and talked about it on many radio appearances even before becoming an actor.

5Kim Seon Ho Traumatic Experience As A Child With A Robber

Kim Seon Ho has been open about his past and he once shared a story about why he became so shy he couldn’t even read a book out loud in front of his class.

He revealed that when he was young, a bulger came into their house, only his mother was with him at the time. He revealed that he hid under the bed while his mother was stabbed with a knife by the robber. She got dragged as she bled and tried to run away from the thief.

Kim Seon Ho’s traumatic experience as a child affected his ability to communicate with people normally for a while. He became so anxious whenever someone would stand behind him.

Luckily for Kim Seon Ho, he was able to overcome it studying plays. He was able to start acting and overcame his trauma.

6He Took His First Plane When He Was 32 Years Old

In a previous interview with Marie Claire, Kim Seon Ho revealed a surprising fact about him, his first plane ride happened when he was 32 years old.

He revealed that he is ‘someone with a lot of fears,’ and through the award vacation of ‘Chief Kim,’ Kim Seon Ho was able to experience how joyful riding airplanes can be. Since then, he revealed he has been going on domestic flights ‘little by little.’

7He Is Known As “Dimple Prince”

One of the first things anyone notices about Kim Seon Ho would probably be his dimples that easily show when he laughs. Due to his cute dimples, he’s been labelled the “Dimple Prince.”

Fans love to call him this nickname and say it’s one of the many things that makes him so charming.

8Kim Seon Ho Is Known As A Scene Stealer

Kim Seon Ho might’ve only began appearing on TV three years ago, but his charms and acting skills didn’t go unnoticed. Among fans and even nonfans, he is known as a scene stealer.

Whenever Kim Seon Ho appeared on screen, he would steal the spotlight and sometimes, steal it from the lead actors which is pretty difficult to pull off.

Kim Seon Ho is again stealing the spotlight in “Start-Up,” fans are currently divided into two teams, many are on Ji Pyeon team and they hope he’d end up with Suzy’s character. He’s definitely created second-lead-syndrome to many fans around the globe.

9Kim Seon Ho Is Part Of Park Shin Hye’s Agency

Here is another fact about the dimple prince. In 2018, Kim Seon Ho signed an exclusive contract with Salt Entertainment, home to many actors like Kim Jung Hwa and Park Shin Hye.

In an official press release at the time, the agency promised to do their best to support him so that he can flourish as an actor.

10Kim Seon Ho Is Already Reviewing His Next Drama

Kim Seon Ho is in high demand.

A couple of days ago, various news outlets reported that Kim Seon Ho will lead the upcoming drama “Link” by the screenwriter behind “Suspicious Partner.”

However, his agency has released a statement clarifying that its difficult to confirm since he’s currently filming for “Start-Up,” but ‘he will thoroughly review the script.’


  1. Kim Seon Ho is an extraordinary talented actor. Good personality and pure at heart. His chemistry with anyone or even things are amazing. Looking at him on screen makes me smile. A standing ovation to Seon Ho for giving us so much joy. Wishing Seon Ho good health and happiness and that he shines always in all his work. His projects (even commercial) are must watch for me. Cheers.

    • Excellent point. Kim Seon Ho is an excellent actor who gives his best to his craft. His charm is not something that anyone could have…he is blessed to have that kind of charm where everyone is hynotized to his looks, smile and expressive eyes which is sexy and oh so captivating. Its NOT his fault at all to be that great and charming. He absolutely deserve all the accolades because He deserved it more than anyone. This is indeed his time to shine and boy he is shining so brightly more than a diamond. He should be called a Diamond Star.


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