Hong Jin Young Completely Edited Out Of A Variety Show Following Thesis Plagiarism Accusations


Trot singer and entertainer Hong Jin Young continues to suffer the fallout of the graduation thesis plagiarism accusations.

As one of the MCs for “Buddy into the Wild,” she was one of the center points of the show, however, on a recent episode, she was completely edited out, not her face or her voice could be heard.  

In the full episode, her voice would only be heard when she was exclaiming or making a voice in awe alongside the rest of the MCs.  

This comes after she was accused of plagiarizing her graduate thesis by 74%. The discussion came up recently but she had gotten her thesis in 2009. Her agency denied the accusations but later, Hong Jin Young released a statement to Instagram announcing her plans to give up her master’s and doctoral degrees despite stating she worked hard for it,

“I received my master’s degree after submitting a thesis in 2009. I organized my time, conferred with the professor, and did my absolute best to create the thesis. Even though it passed without a problem at the time, now people are saying that it is being judged by some percent or other, and I am disappointed and frustrated because whatever I say now will sound like an excuse.”

Do you think it was necessary to edit her out?


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