HaHa Under Fire For Using A Curse Word In Emotional Tribute Post For Park Ji Sun, Issues An Apology


HaHa has been heavily criticized for his post in light of the news of Park Ji Sun’s sudden tragic passing.

Park Ji Sun and her mother passed away a couple of days ago. Various celebrities, idols, actors and more mourned their tragic passing.

On November 3, HaHa also expressed his shock through a post on twitter, however, it got him into controversy over the wording of the post, he wrote a swear word in the post.

The tweet read,

“I hope you go to a good place, Ji Sun-ah… why? You were our hope…

I am so sad right now. Fuck, don’t talk to me right now.”


The tweet has since been deleted following the backlash.

On November 5, HaHa apologized for expressing himself ‘in a wrong way’ because he couldn’t control his emotions in another tweet. He promised to pull himself together and do his best, he ended his statement with,

“Cheer up and take care of yourselves during such difficult times.”


Do you think he deserved backlash over this?

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