[TRENDING] Famous Korean Celebrity Fined Millions Of Dollars For Tax Evasion, Who Is It?


Its been revealed that a famous Korean celebrity has been fined billions of won (millions of dollars) for evading taxes, the issue is gaining public interest.

The news was revealed through the National Tax Service on the 4th of November. According to their statement, a total of 35 people were investigated for tax evasion, among them, a famous Korean celebrity Mr. A was fined.

According to the report, Mr. A ran an Entertainment agency in his family’s name. He evaded corporate taxes using various methods including excessively distributing profits earned through activities with other agencies while inflating expenses of his own agency.

Added to that, the company had also reportedly used the company’s card for personal expenses and even stole payroll funds using fake names of relatives who didn’t even work at the agency.

Thus, National Tax Service concluded that the agency would be fined billions of won in comprehensive income and corporate taxes.

Netizens have been attempting to figure out the name of the celebrity whose identity remains a mystery. Most netizens concluded that the celebrity identity name would be eventually revealed if he’s indeed a huge figure.

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