Court Reveals Names Of The Trainees Who Were Supposed To Debut With Wanna One, X1, And IZ*ONE But Were UnFairly Eliminated Due To The Voting Manipulation

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On November 18, the trial of appeals was held regarding “Produce 101” series manipulation case, and the final verdict is in.

Previously, PD (producing director) Ahn Joon Young was sentencing to two years along with a fine, while CP (chief producer) Kim Yong Bum received a sentence of one year and eight months. As a result of the trial of appeals on November 18, the court decided to uphold the sentences.

Assistant PD “Lee” and five entertainment agency representatives, who were previously sentenced fines, have now received prison sentences as well of eight months suspended to two years.

What’s making headlines is the court’s decision on what to do following the end of the trials.  The court revealed the list of contestants who were unfairly eliminated due to the manipulation, however, the idols who got into Wanna One, X1, And IZ*ONE due to the manipulation will remain unnamed. The court explained that since the idols who benefited from the manipulation were not aware of it, revealing their names will cause additional harm to them.

Here are the contestants who were eliminated:

Season 1:

(first round of voting): Kim Su Hyun, Seo Hye Lin

Season 2:

(first round of voting): Seong Hyun Woo (LIMITLESS’s A.M)

 (fourth round of voting): Kang Dong Ho (NU’EST’s Baekho)

Season 3:

(fourth round of voting): Lee Ga Eun, Han Cho Won

•          Actual final ranking: No. 5 Lee Ga Eun, No. 6 Han Cho Won

Season 4:

(first round of voting): Anzardi Timothee

 (third round of voting): Kim Kook Heon (B.O.Y), Lee Jin Woo (GHOST9)

 (fourth round of voting): Koo Jung Mo (CRAVITY), Lee Jin Hyuk (UP10TION), Keum Dong Hyun

Actual final ranking: No. 6 Koo Jung Mo, No. 7 Lee Jin Hyuk, No. 8 Keum Dong Hyun

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