Chinese Netizens Criticize BLACKPINK Members For Touching Pandas Without Gloves During Reality Show+ YG Postpones The Episode


BLACKPINK members are under fire by Chinese netizens and the internet is divided!

Previously, a preview of BLACKPINK’s ‘24/365 with BLACKPINK’ was released on YouTube, the preview shows the BLACKPINK members meeting baby pandas, at one clip, the members touch the baby pandas without gloves wearing makeup and it became a hot issue.

The preview alone has triggered a lot of criticism towards the members from Chinese Netizens who claim BLACKPINK members broke laws touching the baby pandas like this, others are furious with the thought that the members touched them without any gloves whilst wearing makeup. Various Chinese media outlets also jumped on the story and wrote provoking headlines claiming the members ‘illegally’ came into contact with them. This notion was challenged by various netizens from around the world.

Some Chinese netizen pointed out that some baby pandas died due to canine distemper virus transferred from dogs, the members own dogs and they believe they put the pandas, national treasure for China, at risk. They also demanded an apology not only from the group, but the Korean government and the park responsible for hosting the event.

On the other hand, Korean netizens are baffled by the criticism BLACKPINK members have received, they’re also upset with Chinese netizens and the media continuously attacking Korean idol groups similarly to what happened to BTS last month.

On November 7, YG Entertainment released an official notice notifying fans that the controversial episode will be delayed, it was scheduled to air on November 7. In their statement, they assure fans that ‘strict safety measures including disinfection’ were taken ahead of the members meeting the pandas. Added to that, they stressed that the members wore protective gloves, mask and suits at all times, and disinfected between the scenes.

YG added that taking into consideration the recommendations by experts in the field of protecting panda and in hope of protecting international cooperation, the video in question will be delayed. They ended their statement thanking fans who raised concerns regarding the issue and asked for their love and affection to the members and pandas.

The preview video was also deleted from YouTube.

What do you think of YG’s response?

Note: the article mistakingly stated that YG will not air the episode, it will be in fact delayed, the article has been corrected.


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