BTS Suga has released a personal statement addressing the reveal of his shoulder surgery!

Previously, Big Hit revealed that Suga had undergone shoulder surgery in preparation for his military enlistment and will have to rest and not participate in promotions for the upcoming album “BE.”

Suga took to Weverse to write to ARMY, he said,

“Hello, this is Suga.

After the notice many fans were worried, so I am sorry and really grateful. Fortunately, the surgery went well. I’m in some pain now, but I’m quite relieved.

Since I perform as part of my job, I tried to avoid the surgery as much as I could and endured with rehabilitation and shots. However, I was afraid since my condition would get worse again whenever I’d perform. So, after three out of four hospitals said that it would be good to do surgery considering my condition, I had the surgery… (I was contemplating the thought a lot) I won’t be able to take part in activities for the time being, so I feel sorry towards the members and to ARMY.

I think its such a shame too… I’ll be away for a while so I can recover as soon as possible, and I’ll be back soon. It won’t take that long! Once again, I’m sorry and thank you, ARMY!”

What do you think of Suga’s statement?



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