BTS Jin Gave This Answer When Asked About Military Service At Their Comeback Showcase


On November 20, the BTS members attended a press conference to talk about their newest comeback which dropped on the same days, and as expected, a question about Jin’s pending military enlistment came up.

One reporter asked the members about military service and if they feel any pressure with the name BTS attached to them, Jin took it upon himself to address the situation and clearly state the following,

“Military is a matter of course. I’ll answer when the duty calls. It’s something that me and my members often talk about, and not only me, but all of us will respond to our calling when the time comes.”

RM also responded to the second part of the question about the pressure of the name BTS and the topic of military service related to it, he said,

“I think its because we receive a lot of love, there is also going to be noise, we try to accept it as part of our destiny.”

Due to the massive success of BTS, there have been multiple propositions and bills proposed to either delay or exempt the members from military service altogether, and with Jin’s military service date coming up, there have been many talks about whether world-class idols like BTS deserve to be exempt or not.

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