BTS Jimin Updates Fans About Suga’s Recovery + Shares Progress Of Working On The Upcoming Album “BE”


BTS Jimin has blessed fans with a new video to the group’s YouTube channel, and its loaded with important information for ARMY.

Jimin started the live broadcast by apologizing for his hair situation, he says he just took a shower and his hair came out like that. He just came from choreography practice.

He began talking about the upcoming album and his role in it, he started off by saying that the album preparations are almost done, also, the music video filming is done as well. He said, ‘the music video was really fun to shoot.’

Added to that, talked more about the music video,

“Among all the MVs we’ve shot this far… its.. rough… that’s how far I can say.”

During the live he read fans comments and he said he wanted to update them about Suga’s surgery, he said,

“He’s recovering well. The surgery went well. He says that he misses all of you, I hope you can wish for his speedy recovery with me too.”  

He talked about many things as well during the 17-minute broadcast, you can watch the video down below (with English subtitles)

Are you excited about BTS’s comeback?


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