Big Hit Heavily Criticized For Printing Out BTS Suga’s Artwork Without His Permission, K-ARMY Furious

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Big Hit Entertainment is under fire by K-ARMY after a recent clip from BTS unboxing their upcoming album “BE” went viral.

On November 13, BTS streamed a live video for about 6 minutes and in it, they unboxed their highly anticipated upcoming album “BE” out in less than a week. However, one thing gained attention from fans and its not looking good for Big Hit Entertainment.

Towards the 4-minute mark, Suga looks a bit confused to see one photocard, he asks the staff, ‘when did you scan this?’

The staff member responds,

‘We shot them that day after the meeting ended.’

Suga replies,

‘You scanned it without my permission….’

Suga seemed to be upset about the subject and the staff member went silent after being confronted. There was a bit of silence in the room, but the members asked him what he meant by it, Suga said it’s a drawing he recently completed.

You can check out the live stream below [with ENG subtitles]

The particular clip where Suga directly addresses the staff went viral on various social media platforms and K-ARMY aren’t happy to learn that Big Hit used his art without obtaining his permission. The issue is gaining a lot of attention, many Korean fans of BTS are heavily criticizing the agency for mistreating Suga and for outwardly using the artwork he made independently without asking for his permission at least.

Big Hit was also recently under fire for the high prices of their upcoming New Year’s Eve concert, in which some K-ARMY announced their plans to boycott the event due to many reasons.

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