ATEEZ’s Mingi Is Taking A Break Due To Anxiety

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ATEEZ’s Mingi is halting his activities for the time being to focus on his health.

On November 15, ATEEZ’s agency, KQ Entertainment, released a statement to announce that member Mingi is taking time off to focus on his health due to psychological anxiety which he began to experience recently.

After discussing with his agency, he visited the hospital to get a full diagnosis and the doctor recommended him to get plenty of rest. After discussing with his members and the agency afterwards, it was decided that Mingi would take time off to focus on his health and treatment.

ATEEZ will promote with seven members for the time being. KQ Entertainment announced they will update fans on his return to scheduled activities after making a decision based on careful discussions and doctors opinion. They assured fans they’d do their best to make sure he recovers.

After reading the announcement, fans trended the hashtags #GetWellSoonMingi and #WeLoveYouMingi to send him encouraging messages and wish for his recovery.

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